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Pursuing equity with purpose, perseverance, and compassion.

About Preseli Equity Group Consulting 

Preseli Equity Group Consulting begins the journey to creating equity where you are at. We tailor our engagements to meet the needs of each client to create learning environments where all are invited to lean into deeper learning and connection building. 


We provide evidence based strategies and human centered learning centered on equity, healing and sense of belonging. Our works lays a foundation for continued learning, evaluation and growth to motivate equity work that is not only seen but also felt. 

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What's In A Name? 



Preseli Bluestone is a very popular gemstone used in emotional and spiritual healing.

Key properties: 

-Courage and Determination
-Clarity and Focus
-Connection to the Past
-Peace and Calm
-Self Growth and Healing
-Communication and Connection

Meet the Founder & CEO 


Preshuslee Thompson, Clinical and Occupational Social Worker, is the Founder and CEO of Preseli Equity Group Consulting LLC. Preseli Equity Group is a social enterprise consulting firm committed to conceptualizing, constructing, and championing an equitable future through fostering collective healing and respect for human dignity. Through Preseli Equity Group Preshuslee facilitates trainings, builds curriculums and assessments, and offers consulting to organizations committed to creating an equitable and accountable workplace culture. 

Preshuslee has dedicated her career to the public service sector. She has worked with Youth and Adults healing from mental illness, alcohol, and drug addiction, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, being without shelter, as well as foster care and incarceration. Preshuslee served as the Training and Development Specialist at The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity where she led the development and facilitation of the Implicit Bias Trainer of Trainers. At Kirwan, Preshuslee facilitated over 300 trainings reaching more than 3000 people across the country and in Mexico. Preshuslee is a co-author of the report A Workforce for the Modern Woman: Strategic Planning for a Fair and Equitable Future and has published interviews on racial bias with The New York Times, Teen Vogue, The digital arm of Today Show, Medical Economics and local news outlets.

Under Preshuslee's leadership Preseli has been in service to communities and organizations across the state and country. She has offered consultation and facilitation around JEDI and Wellness for Educators, Non-Profit Leaders, Environmentalist, Water Equity Advocates, Community Members, and Executive Team members across multiple sectors.

Preshuslee, fondly referred to as Preshus is a Columbus, Ohio native and Licensed Social Worker. She has a passion for social work and creating spaces for collective healing and transformative conversation. Preshus’s top five strengths are intellection, ideation, connectedness, individualization, and relator. She is a dog mom and lover of nature and music.

Meet the Founder
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The Team 


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Thank you to our partners for trusting us in your journey!

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