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Pursuing Equity with purpose, perseverance, and compassion! At Preseli Equity Group, we're dedicated to creating spaces that cultivate a sense of belonging, equity, and healing centered practices. Embark on a journey with us to cultivate healing, promote mental health, and champion social justice in your organization. Our services are ideal for organizations, direct service providers, and educators! Book your consultation now and be the catalyst for positive transformation!

Cultural Climate 

 Through a comprehensive environmental scan, we dive into cultural humility and inclusivity, ensuring every facet of your organization is seen and heard. Employee voices take center stage with our insightful survey, capturing diverse perspectives to shape your organization's cultural narrative. The result? A powerful report with targeted recommendations, guiding your journey towards a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant workplace. Ensure your equity work is not just stated but felt! – start your Cultural Climate Audit with us today!

JEDI Strategic 

Our tailored plans start by identifying organization-specific Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOTs). From there, we craft actionable tasks for executive leadership, human resources, and employee champions. At the core of our approach is centering the invaluable voice of employees. Let's turn aspirations into measurable outcomes, creating a culture that is not only equitable but thrives in inclusivity. Propel your organization forward with Preseli's JEDI Strategic Planning – where vision meets measurable impact!

Equine Assisted 
Team Building

Our evidence-based approach is led by certified EAGALA facilitators. Blending nature, human interaction, and the wisdom of horses, creates a unique retreat tailored to your team's needs. Our activities foster connection, embrace cultural humility, and guide you to a deeper understanding of your hearts, community, and environment. No prior horse experience is required for our ground-based model. Elevate your team dynamics with a transformative experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Connect, learn, and grow with Equine Assisted Team Building!


Explore transformative topics such as cultural humility, JEDI, trauma-informed care, anti-oppressive practices, implicit bias, goal setting, accountability, and more! Our research-based trainings, crafted for learners of all levels, skillfully guide groups through thought-provoking discussions. We embrace diversity, challenge the status quo, and promote human dignity, leaving our audiences eager to learn more and equipped to make actionable changes. Join us in fostering a culture of continuous growth and meaningful impact! Need continuing education credits? We got you covered, contact us today!

Healing Centered 

Join Preseli's Retreats and Workshops for a Moment of Renewal! Open to the community, our retreats are a sanctuary to break away from everything that doesn't nurture joy, rest, love, trust, and safety. Immerse yourself in spaces crafted for practicing new ways of being, featuring rest, art, community, nature, and movement. It's a pause for rejuvenation and a step toward holistic well-being. Visit our events page to discover more about our transformative experiences. Embrace the journey to rediscover joy and create lasting connections with yourself and others! Contact us to join our email list for more information.

Facilitation and 
Public Speaking

Our team brings a wealth of expertise to your events, offering guest lectures, community trainings, trainer-of-trainers sessions, impactful keynotes, and proficient hosting and program management. Our dynamic and passionate speakers, facilitators, and project leads specialize in leadership, mental health, human resources, JEDI, and community engagement. Whether you're seeking to inspire, educate, or lead strategic initiatives, let Preseli elevate your event with seasoned professionals who bring both knowledge and passion to the stage. Your success is our commitment!

Bundle Your Services

At Preseli Equity Group, we understand that fostering a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion requires a holistic approach that encompasses a range of tailored services. Our bundled service packages are designed to empower organizations to create impactful and sustainable J.E.D.I. initiatives that drive positive change. Our bundle package includes the Cultural Climate Audit, JEDI Strategic Planning, and facilitation of 3 hours of tailored curriculum. 

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