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Preseli Equity Group is a social enterprise consulting firm committed to conceptualizing, constructing, and championing an equitable future through fostering collective healing and respect for human dignity.

Consultation & Capacity Building
In a Meeting

Preseli Equity Group specializes in guiding organizations through the intentional journey of creating inclusive workplaces where employees can thrive as their authentic selves. With over a decade of experience in building cultural competency, community engagement, crisis intervention, and instructional design, we offer guidance on enhancing equity at a micro, mezzo, and macro level.  From project management to curriculum design our team can help your organization increase its capacity for cultural shifts and cultural conversations. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can be of service to you! 

Trainings and Workshops
Business Meeting

Our team has facilitated hundreds of trainings and workshops both in person and virtually. Our sessions are tailored to the needs of your audience so we can meet them where they are. We provide an interactive and research driven engagement that will be a catalyst for cultural shifts. Trainings and workshops foster engagement around topics such as: Racial Equity, Difficult Conversation Facilitation Training, Implicit Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Humility and much more! We have worked with non-profits, corporations, community organizations, healthcare providers, educators and community stakeholders. At Preseli Equtiy Group we believe that trainings and workshops create space for collective learning, accountability and action planning. Contact us today if you are in need of a dynamic, thought provoking and relatable facilitation. 

Cultural Climate Audits & Instructional Design

Our certified instructional designers build unique and interactive curriculums for all audiences. With content designed to meet people where they are at, our content is ideal for audiences with mixed levels of experience and knowledge. Our instructional designers offer custom curriculum design for your organization as well as facilitation training for your team. At Preseli Equity we build customized cultural climate audits that provide a snapshot of employee readiness for cultural changes, employee perceptions of the workplace culture as well as employee perceptions of strategic level diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Contact us today for a consultation!

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